Monday, February 9, 2015

Used Ebay Laser Combs

As I was doing research online to purchase my first laser comb, I noticed something that seemed a bit odd. Online you can find multiple brands and different types of laser combs all over the place in particular eBay as I said before. However something I saw which seemed pretty odd to me was the sheer amount of used laser combs on sale. There are literally tons of used laser combs available for purchase. Basically what this means to me is there are plenty of people losing their hair who have tried using a laser comb and for whatever reason decided just to sell it.

I decided to send various emails to people who were selling their used laser combs on eBay just as to why they were selling them. Many of them actually answered me and funny enough various others chose not to answer me back for whatever reason. I was fairly surprised as many of them were quite honest and simply said it either did not work for them at all or it was just taking too long for them to see any improvement so they decided to sell. A couple people said they upgraded to a better unit so they decided to sell their old ones, a few others just said they just frankly got tired of holding the comb over the head for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Regardless of all this I decided I still wanted to go along with this experiment. In general it seems low level laser therapy either really works for you or doesn’t. Laser combs don’t seem to have much of a middle ground you will either get some new hair growth/hair thickening or no results at all. Obviously I am hoping to be one of the people who gets excellent results, with this type of hair loss prevention therapy.

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