Friday, March 27, 2015

Laser Comb Side Effects

People seem to have a lot of questions when it comes to hair loss and particular laser combs. One question I’ve heard people asked me and ask online is how does a laser combs feel. They want to know if you actually feel anything when you’re combing your hair with a laser comb. People also want to know how cold laser therapy feels like in general. A lot of people find the idea of laser therapy fascinating and the other side completely feels like its hogwash.

While at this moment I cannot answer you honestly if laser light therapy is legitimate or hogwash simply because I have not used it long enough yet. However I can tell you how it feels when I’m using in the prescribed manner and if I had any side effects so far. Based on all available evidence, there seems to be no safety issues with regards to low level laser therapy products and devices. Although some critics raise the caveat that long term issues are not yet known, LLLT/cold-laser applications have already been in use for more than 30 years with no report of any serious safety issue.

In terms of side effects they are completely none whatsoever so far for me. As far as I can tell and have read there are no side effects basically the only thing you have to watch for is not to directly aim the lasers into your eyes for obvious reasons, or you might have one major side effect known as blindness! But besides that it’s safe and no there are no reports of people getting cancer using it!

Basically you’re not really going to feel much at all when using a laser comb. All you going to feel is a slight warming sensation underneath the laser beams as you use the comb. However there is definitely no concern over burning or anything such as that because it will never get anywhere near as hot for that to occur. I personally find the warming sensation to be quite nice as I use the comb throughout my scalp; it almost feels like a nice massage. The heating sensation is obviously from the laser beams however even the most sensitive people should find it completely tolerable to use.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Power Grow Laser Comb Review

As I was brainstorming for my next post on this blog, it suddenly occurred to me that I had bought a power grow laser comb on eBay before the model I use presently. The type of laser comb I use right now is way beyond the power grow laser comb in terms of quality. I should’ve gone with my initial instincts, the price was too low and the packaging seemed pretty dodgy to me. Truthfully the price was way too good and the packaging claims made me want to try it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product basically you are made to believe its all laser beams when in fact there is only one real laser in the laser comb. The rest of the light beams you see in the packaging and in the commercials are in fact LED lights and not actual lasers. Besides having only one laser it’s also made out of really cheap plastic; essentially has a very real cheap feel to it. Now there is nothing wrong with using LED lights, there are plenty of studies which indicate benefits with using this type of therapy.

However the way the commercials are and the packaging is you’re made to believe there is more than just one laser on the comb. I would imagine it doesn’t take a genius to realize at this point I wasn’t too happy with the purchase. To sum it all up, a very really cheap feel, battery-operated and only one real laser on board. But hey you want to give it a shot you never know, it might just work. And just for the record I am not a competitor nor do I sell any laser combs, I simply give reviews sometimes and this is my review of the power grow laser comb.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Used Ebay Laser Combs

As I was doing research online to purchase my first laser comb, I noticed something that seemed a bit odd. Online you can find multiple brands and different types of laser combs all over the place in particular eBay as I said before. However something I saw which seemed pretty odd to me was the sheer amount of used laser combs on sale. There are literally tons of used laser combs available for purchase. Basically what this means to me is there are plenty of people losing their hair who have tried using a laser comb and for whatever reason decided just to sell it.

I decided to send various emails to people who were selling their used laser combs on eBay just as to why they were selling them. Many of them actually answered me and funny enough various others chose not to answer me back for whatever reason. I was fairly surprised as many of them were quite honest and simply said it either did not work for them at all or it was just taking too long for them to see any improvement so they decided to sell. A couple people said they upgraded to a better unit so they decided to sell their old ones, a few others just said they just frankly got tired of holding the comb over the head for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Regardless of all this I decided I still wanted to go along with this experiment. In general it seems low level laser therapy either really works for you or doesn’t. Laser combs don’t seem to have much of a middle ground you will either get some new hair growth/hair thickening or no results at all. Obviously I am hoping to be one of the people who gets excellent results, with this type of hair loss prevention therapy.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ebay Laser Comb

Like I said before on a previous post I went online to buy the laser comb, in fact it was eBay where I bought it. Before buying it I did a lot of research on the comb itself. The reason for all the research is because there are a lot of laser combs on the market today for sale. There are name brand labels, generic ones and even truly home-made models on the market today. The prices vary just as much, from $25 up to something in the range of $600 dollars. The combs range from cheap plastic to expensive feeling metal.

Just for the record the company that started it all in the mainstream and still the most popular brand is The HairMax LaserComb®. It’s a fine looking product with lots of research behind it but it’s also very expensive. I did not buy the Hairmax because quite frankly this is really an experiment for me and I did not want to spend so much money on it. I bought a cheaper yet good model with 8 actual lasers. This is very important because they were actual lasers and not 8 LEDs lights. ((LED) light-emitting diode) LED light is supposed to be good as well but they are essentially a cheaper alternative to real lasers and all the hair growth studies were done with the lasers beams. I will probably do a separate post on that topic in the near future.

These days they have laser systems which incorporate both technologies and something I would definitely like to try down the road. Getting back to the main topic, I basically bought a well-made generic brand laser comb. It has a nice feel to it although a bit cheap feeling but has what appears to be 8 powerful lasers. As long as the lasers keep working I will be a happy camper.

I am excited to start this low level laser therapy experiment and observe the results. I spent about $100 dollars on the comb and it has real lasers for sure, so even if I don't get any results at all at least its $100 I lose and not $500 . If my hair does seem to get thicker then I will consider this a successful test. Everyone will have their own wants from a test like this, but to me any positive results will be good enough for me.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Prevent And Reverse The Balding Process

Ever since I was a kid I always had a full head of very thick black hair. In fact it was so thick that later on as I tried different hairstyles I would have my hair purposely thinned out so it would be easier to style. And then to my chagrin as I grew into my teenage years my hair began to grow gray hairs. It was an odd look because I had very dark black hair with scattered gray hairs mixed in while being just a teenager. As the years went by I acquired more and more gray hair however my hair remained very thick.

In my 30s things started to change between getting older and the stress levels of daily adult life I started to slowly lose my hair. It began with my hairline receding at a rapid pace and then a general thinning all throughout my hair on top of my scalp. At this point I still had a lot of hair however I knew if I did not do anything soon I would probably go bald just like my father did. At the time I was a bodybuilder trying different over-the-counter supplements which some listed as possible hair loss as a side effect which obviously didn’t help the situation.

So began my quest to find something to help prevent and if possible reverse the balding process. I did all the research and learned all about the popular treatments such as Rogaine and Propecia. However I have always been somewhat of an unconventional guy and wanted to try something new and different. So after further research I discovered laser hair regrowth. At the time it sounded very interesting to me and pretty high-tech so I decided to give it a shot. Up to this point I have been using minoxidil for couple months and it had seemed to be working pretty well initially and then it seemed to slow down. At this point Rogaine seemed to just help prevent the hair from falling out however all new hair growth had come to a stop.

Basically at this point I was hoping that the laser hair regrowth therapy would kick start the hair growing process once again. Just for the record Rogaine had worked very well for me and continues too however I wanted to experiment and see if I could boost my gains of hair growth from Rogaine. So I went online and bought my first laser comb.

Laser Comb Side Effects

People seem to have a lot of questions when it comes to hair loss and particular laser combs. One question I’ve heard people asked me and as...