Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Power Grow Laser Comb Review

As I was brainstorming for my next post on this blog, it suddenly occurred to me that I had bought a power grow laser comb on eBay before the model I use presently. The type of laser comb I use right now is way beyond the power grow laser comb in terms of quality. I should’ve gone with my initial instincts, the price was too low and the packaging seemed pretty dodgy to me. Truthfully the price was way too good and the packaging claims made me want to try it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product basically you are made to believe its all laser beams when in fact there is only one real laser in the laser comb. The rest of the light beams you see in the packaging and in the commercials are in fact LED lights and not actual lasers. Besides having only one laser it’s also made out of really cheap plastic; essentially has a very real cheap feel to it. Now there is nothing wrong with using LED lights, there are plenty of studies which indicate benefits with using this type of therapy.

However the way the commercials are and the packaging is you’re made to believe there is more than just one laser on the comb. I would imagine it doesn’t take a genius to realize at this point I wasn’t too happy with the purchase. To sum it all up, a very really cheap feel, battery-operated and only one real laser on board. But hey you want to give it a shot you never know, it might just work. And just for the record I am not a competitor nor do I sell any laser combs, I simply give reviews sometimes and this is my review of the power grow laser comb.

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