Monday, December 22, 2014

Prevent And Reverse The Balding Process

Ever since I was a kid I always had a full head of very thick black hair. In fact it was so thick that later on as I tried different hairstyles I would have my hair purposely thinned out so it would be easier to style. And then to my chagrin as I grew into my teenage years my hair began to grow gray hairs. It was an odd look because I had very dark black hair with scattered gray hairs mixed in while being just a teenager. As the years went by I acquired more and more gray hair however my hair remained very thick.

In my 30s things started to change between getting older and the stress levels of daily adult life I started to slowly lose my hair. It began with my hairline receding at a rapid pace and then a general thinning all throughout my hair on top of my scalp. At this point I still had a lot of hair however I knew if I did not do anything soon I would probably go bald just like my father did. At the time I was a bodybuilder trying different over-the-counter supplements which some listed as possible hair loss as a side effect which obviously didn’t help the situation.

So began my quest to find something to help prevent and if possible reverse the balding process. I did all the research and learned all about the popular treatments such as Rogaine and Propecia. However I have always been somewhat of an unconventional guy and wanted to try something new and different. So after further research I discovered laser hair regrowth. At the time it sounded very interesting to me and pretty high-tech so I decided to give it a shot. Up to this point I have been using minoxidil for couple months and it had seemed to be working pretty well initially and then it seemed to slow down. At this point Rogaine seemed to just help prevent the hair from falling out however all new hair growth had come to a stop.

Basically at this point I was hoping that the laser hair regrowth therapy would kick start the hair growing process once again. Just for the record Rogaine had worked very well for me and continues too however I wanted to experiment and see if I could boost my gains of hair growth from Rogaine. So I went online and bought my first laser comb.

Laser Comb Side Effects

People seem to have a lot of questions when it comes to hair loss and particular laser combs. One question I’ve heard people asked me and as...