Friday, March 27, 2015

Laser Comb Side Effects

People seem to have a lot of questions when it comes to hair loss and particular laser combs. One question I’ve heard people asked me and ask online is how does a laser combs feel. They want to know if you actually feel anything when you’re combing your hair with a laser comb. People also want to know how cold laser therapy feels like in general. A lot of people find the idea of laser therapy fascinating and the other side completely feels like its hogwash.

While at this moment I cannot answer you honestly if laser light therapy is legitimate or hogwash simply because I have not used it long enough yet. However I can tell you how it feels when I’m using in the prescribed manner and if I had any side effects so far. Based on all available evidence, there seems to be no safety issues with regards to low level laser therapy products and devices. Although some critics raise the caveat that long term issues are not yet known, LLLT/cold-laser applications have already been in use for more than 30 years with no report of any serious safety issue.

In terms of side effects they are completely none whatsoever so far for me. As far as I can tell and have read there are no side effects basically the only thing you have to watch for is not to directly aim the lasers into your eyes for obvious reasons, or you might have one major side effect known as blindness! But besides that it’s safe and no there are no reports of people getting cancer using it!

Basically you’re not really going to feel much at all when using a laser comb. All you going to feel is a slight warming sensation underneath the laser beams as you use the comb. However there is definitely no concern over burning or anything such as that because it will never get anywhere near as hot for that to occur. I personally find the warming sensation to be quite nice as I use the comb throughout my scalp; it almost feels like a nice massage. The heating sensation is obviously from the laser beams however even the most sensitive people should find it completely tolerable to use.

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