Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ebay Laser Comb

Like I said before on a previous post I went online to buy the laser comb, in fact it was eBay where I bought it. Before buying it I did a lot of research on the comb itself. The reason for all the research is because there are a lot of laser combs on the market today for sale. There are name brand labels, generic ones and even truly home-made models on the market today. The prices vary just as much, from $25 up to something in the range of $600 dollars. The combs range from cheap plastic to expensive feeling metal.

Just for the record the company that started it all in the mainstream and still the most popular brand is The HairMax LaserComb®. It’s a fine looking product with lots of research behind it but it’s also very expensive. I did not buy the Hairmax because quite frankly this is really an experiment for me and I did not want to spend so much money on it. I bought a cheaper yet good model with 8 actual lasers. This is very important because they were actual lasers and not 8 LEDs lights. ((LED) light-emitting diode) LED light is supposed to be good as well but they are essentially a cheaper alternative to real lasers and all the hair growth studies were done with the lasers beams. I will probably do a separate post on that topic in the near future.

These days they have laser systems which incorporate both technologies and something I would definitely like to try down the road. Getting back to the main topic, I basically bought a well-made generic brand laser comb. It has a nice feel to it although a bit cheap feeling but has what appears to be 8 powerful lasers. As long as the lasers keep working I will be a happy camper.

I am excited to start this low level laser therapy experiment and observe the results. I spent about $100 dollars on the comb and it has real lasers for sure, so even if I don't get any results at all at least its $100 I lose and not $500 . If my hair does seem to get thicker then I will consider this a successful test. Everyone will have their own wants from a test like this, but to me any positive results will be good enough for me.

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